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Information Technology Services / - Communications / Building Wiring for Voice, Video & Data

Building Wiring for Voice, Video & Data

Information Technology Services (ITS) maintains the campus building wiring standards documentation. These standards include all wiring for voice, video, and data transfer (cable, Internet/ethernet, telephones, alarm systems, security cameras, building access, etc.) and can be found here.

Data Wiring (ie. Copper Wire):

  • Category 3 - Voice Communications or Data (10BaseT ethernet)
  • Category 5e - High Speed Data

Coaxial Cable:

  • RG6, Cable Television

Fiber Optics:

  • Single mode 8.3/125 micron, laser long distances, unlimited bandwidth
  • Multi mode 62.5/125 or 50/125 micron, LED, short distances, limited bandwidth

Information Technology Services (ITS) follows the FSU Building Wiring Standard for all wiring installations on campus. Your facility must be properly wired to accommodate your communications network. When making these decisions for new and existing building infrastructures, we recommend that you request an estimate using our online Order to address your specific needs.Orders for data network (or data wiring) installations which are received by the ITS are reviewed by our Networking Services Section, which has the responsibility for configuring your networking connections once the wiring, hardware, and software are installed.


 For more detailed pricing and optional configurations, or to request an estimate, click here
 **Important: You must be sure to check the "estimate only box"
 and then fill in the "details of work" field as shown below.**
 Order fees and monthly charges may also apply.

INSTRUCTIONS: If you need assistance during the installation or configuration of network data wiring or connections contact: 
 ITS Service Desk
 Rod K. Shaw Building
 644 West Call Street
 Tallahassee, FL 32306-1120 or 850-644-4357

Please see Frequently Asked Questions