Mass Emails


On occasion, departments distribute mass emails to the university community under the address. If you have important, university-wide news that needs to be sent to a large subset of the FSU community-such as all students or all faculty-you can prepare an Important Announcement mass email to send to the university.

To request a mass email, please submit a case to the FSU Service Center:

  • SIgn in to the FSU Service Center
  • Click Create New Case
  • For Category, choose Faculty/Staff Services
  • For Specialty Type, choose Request an email to campus
  • For Detail, choose the audience for the email (if the target audience is a combination of these groups or a different group, choose Other)
  • For Summary, enter the subject you would like the mass email to display
  • For Details, enter the date you would like the email sent and any other relevant information, such as specific audience
  • Attach a Word file of the email with the required formatting
  • If you require a custom group of recipients, you must attach an Excel spreadsheet with a list of EMPLIDs.
  • Click Save My Case

NOTE: All mass communications from Florida State University require approval from a vice president. Approval must be obtained prior to submitting a case and should be included in the body of the email in the following format: This message has been approved by [Name], [Title], for distribution to all [audience]. Please attach any approval emails to the case.