Blackboard Connect Mass Email Training

The following information outlines several steps to follow for mass email communications sent through Blackboard Connect. The steps are designed to make sure that we deliver a successful message that communicates clearly to the university community and aligns with the Florida State brand.

Sending a Message

1.   On the Home screen, click the orange Activate Safe Mode button.
2.   Navigate to Message Center and select Send.
3.   If using a template, select your template from theChoose a Template drop down list under Outreach.
4.   Click Outreach.
5.   Leave the Message Type as Outreach.
6.   Populate the Title field. *50 character limit; no special characters.
7.   Click the To button to select the message recipients.
*To send a mass email to all students, click the + icon next to Type and click the Student checkbox. Then click the Select All checkbox. To send a mass email to all faculty, click the + icon next to Type and click theFaculty checkbox, then click the Select All checkbox. To send a mass email to all faculty and staff, click the + icon next to Type and click the Staff checkbox, then click theSelect All checkbox.  NOTE: Mass emails to students and faculty will be distributed only to those currently taking or teaching a class.
*To send a mass email to all Deans, Directors, and Department Heads, click the + icon next to Group and click the checkbox next to DDDH (Refresh), then click the Select All checkbox.
*To send a test email to select individuals, type their name (last name, first name) in the search box and clickSearch, then click the checkbox next to their name.
*NOTE: Add yourself to the To… field; this way if you are not on the selected distribution list, you will still receive a copy.
8.   Click Done.
9.   For Delivery Mode select the Email envelope icon.
10. IMPORTANT: Change the From field to Important Announcements
11. Type in a Subject.
12. Type or paste the body of your message into the large textbox.
*NOTE: If pasting text into Blackboard Connect, first copy the text to Notepad(PC)/TextEdit(Mac) and remove all formatting and extra line breaks, then copy the Notepad text to Blackboard Connect. You can also you CTRL+Shift+V (PC)/CMD+Shift+V to paste text with no formatting.
*NOTE: All mass emails must be approved by a Vice President or higher authority and must include an approval statement in the following format: This message has been approved by [Name], [Title], for distribution to [audience].
13. Format the message as "Font Name: Arial" and "Font Size: 12-14."

14. Proof the message

NOTE: It is good practice to send a test message to yourself to proof the content and formatting before sending to a large audience

15. Select a time and date to send the message by clicking either Now or Later

16. To schedule a message to send at a later date:

  1. Click the Calendar icon under Later
  2. Select a date from the calendar
  3. Click the Clock icon under Later
  4. Select a time from the list
  5. Click Add Selected Date
17. Turn off Safe Mode by clicking the Deactivate button in the orange banner at the top of the screen
18. At the bottom of screen, click the orange Next button
19. Hit Send

Inserting a Hyperlink

1. Click the Hyperlink Manager icon in the toolbar.
2. Type or paste a Web address into the URL field.
3. Click OK.

Inserting an Email

1. Click the Hyperlink Manager icon in the toolbar.
2. Click E-mail.
3. Type or paste an email into the Address field.
4. Click OK.

Adding an Image

NOTE: All images first must be sized to the desired pixels and saved to an online location.
1. Place cursor where image is to be inserted.
2. Click Insert Image icon.
3. Type or paste the image’s website address into theImage Src field.
4. Fill in the Alt Text field.
5. Click OK.

Reusing a Message

1. Go to Message Center and select Sent.
2. Hover over the message you would like to use.
3. Click the Re-use icon.
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