Supervisor Guidelines for Reviewing Employee Role Assignments


Supervisor Guidelines for Reviewing Employee Role Assignments

The ITS Identity Access Management team is responsible for the creation and maintenance of security roles for the University's PeopleSoft Enterprise applications. Close cooperation between University departments and the ITS Identity Access Management team is essential to ensure users' application security is properly reviewed and maintained.

These procedures provide a reference for personnel to establish a process for reviewing application security role assignments for the following systems:

  • OMNI Human Resources
  • OMNI Financials
  • myFSU BI
  • FSU Service Center
  • myFSU Student Central

NOTE: Currently, this process does not include the role for NWRDC.

Supervisors are responsible for reviewing and certifying that their employees' application security roles are appropriate for completing their job duties.

Supervisors, or their delegates, should certify their employee's role assignments on a quarterly basis using the "Role Certification Report" available in the Security Dashboard in myFSU BI. The Supervisor's approval of the "Role Certification Report" is the assurance that the individuals listed on the report have the correct roles that are required to complete their job duties. A job aid on the "Role Certification" process is available here.

Supervisors (or their delegates) should:

  1. Ensure that the "Role Certification Report" is run on a quarterly basis for their employee(s).
  2. Review their employee(s) role assignments on the "Role Certification Report" for accuracy.
  3. Remove any unnecessary role assignments for their employee(s) by submitting an eORR request or by opening a CRM Case with the ITS Identity Access Management team.
  4. Sign the "Certification" page of the "Role Certification Report" and maintain copies of the signed reports until approved for destruction by the University's Records Management Liaison Officer (see Records Management policy OP-F-3).
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