Cable TV

UPDATE: Seminole Cable Vision will be decommissioned on August 1, 2020.

Tune in to catch breaking news or your favorite shows with one of FSU's two options for on-campus cable TV. Seminole Cable Vision is a university-managed cable television service provided through our local Comcast provider and offers more than 120 channels of entertainment, sports, news and cultural programming. XFINITY On Campus is an online streaming TV service only available to on-campus University Housing residents at no additional cost.


  • Students (University Housing residents)
  • Departments
  • More than 120 channels available, including 76 HD channels
  • On-campus resident access to XFINITY On Campus
  • 100+ live streaming channels and DVR recordings available with XFINITY On Campus

Seminole Cable Vision

  • A cable-ready television with internal QAM tuners and coaxial cable
  • For students, you must be an on-campus University Housing resident

Xfinity on Campus


Students (University Housing residents)

Basic cable service and XFINITY On Campus are included as a residence hall amenity; there is no additional charge. Additional premium streaming content is available to purchase directly through XFINITY on Campus.



Extra services such as DVR and premium channels are available in some areas. Request an estimate for a detailed cost breakdown. 

Prices are subject to change due to current pricing and market rates.


Students (University Housing residents)

To access basic cable service:

  • Connect a coaxial cable from a wall outlet to your TV

To access XFINITY On Campus:

  1. Go to or download the XFINITY Stream app on a compatible device
  2. Search for Florida State University
  3. Sign in with your FSUID and password

Additional premium streaming content is available to purchase directly from Comcast through XFINITY On Campus.


Place an order with the following information:

  • Services: Local Service – Phone & Cable
    • Cable Television Services & Equipment (Seminole Cable Vision)


Visit the following websites for SCV TV channel and program listings:
Zip code: 32306
Provider: Florida State University - Tallahassee
Zip code: 32306
Provider: Florida State University, Tallahassee (Apartment)



Create a repair ticket with the following information:

  • Select: Cable TV Service (Seminole CableVision)